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I watched the first 2 epis, and I have to say I'm quite interested. The first episode I thought was absolutely great. It was a little predictable, but also quite sweet, and it gives me a real warm and "awww" sort of feeling .

I am incredibly sad for Suzunari-sensei though. Lion-san will never, ever come back again. You have to think about it. I'd be quite sad if
... yeah. (You can go highlight that if yu've watched the first episode. XP)

The second episode was quite awkward though IMO. Some of the drawings were not nice (not the character design - I think it's quite nice really, not uber-cute or anything) because when Asumi turned her head the eyes and wahtnot weren't drawn in the correct perspective... Also when she was chasing Lion-san around ("Ecchi!") it was really quite... um... I dunno how to say it. Also the animation was pretty sub-par for a 2003 series - it's as if this studio is using cel animation (who still uses it actually? O_x). The part where Lion and Asumi are jumping off that ledge onto the road specifically. The first ep was definitely better...

The third ep should come out soon because it's already aired if I'm not wrong. If my hopes for this series are fulfilled, I'll be a rather happy person.

By teh way, somehow I really like the opening - the lyrics seem to fit too, and the tune is... catchy ^_^ The ending was quite unique, it was nostalgic in some way and it's poignant when they use it as one of the BGM as well.
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