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The turn will arrive for the music of the 2000's after all. Waiting for the 2020 is not much to ask. If they are truly memorable they will hold till then.
I'm sorry, but in my personal opinion that's nonsense. That's like the Grammys telling a current musical artist that their work may be good and all, but they can't be nominated for an award for 10 years to make sure their work is actually good enough to have persisted that long. If a piece of music is truly good, and people widely recognize it as such, then why must it ensure some bogus "test of time" in order to be recognized? If we're going to really make a list of great anime music it should be inclusive and not exclusive. People don't wait 10 years to add to or change their personal top anime series or TV series or movies or what have you, after all. I see this as being not all that different.

Still, regardless of my personal opinion I'm willing to compromise to an extent here for the sake of wanting to be able to assist further in this endeavor. At the very least you have to admit that 10 years is a ridiculously long period of time to put as a minimum age for a song to be considered here. I would think something more like 3 years would be much more acceptable. 3 years is long enough for most series to have completed their run and have been removed from being actively discussed and along with them their respective songs. If a given anime song persists after 3 years I'd call that plenty memorable enough to qualify.
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