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I'm sorry, but in my personal opinion that's nonsense. That's like the Grammys telling a current musical artist that their work may be good and all, but they can't be nominated for an award for 10 years to make sure their work is actually good enough to have persisted that long. If a piece of music is truly good, and people widely recognize it as such, then why must it ensure some bogus "test of time" in order to be recognized? If we're going to really make a list of great anime music it should be inclusive and not exclusive. People don't wait 10 years to add to or change their personal top anime series or TV series or movies or what have you, after all. I see this as being not all that different.
Why are you mentioning the Grammy's? Their scope is totally different than we are trying to do here. The Grammy's don't really reward songs in terms of how memorable they are, but they follow a totally different set of parameters when awarding one of these prizes.

The same with personal Top 10 lists, even I don't wait 10 years, let alone 1 week. I recently added CLANNAD AS as one of my Top 3, and that is a series that just finished last week.

Which is completely different from the scope of this particular thread, or at least from what I understand. For something to be considered the greatest and of all time, it has to follow a minimum set of guidelines, lest it becomes a naming game where everyone cites, precisely, their top 10.

About the 3-10 years thing, well I have to accept that even that is kindof subjective. I tried to attach it to the time one generation of students take to enter and exit secondary and tertiary education, but even that is an arbitrary threshold. I don't know whether 3 years is long enough, but I guess we can compromise.
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