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D.C.4 P.H. is officially confirmed to definitely be "Da Capo 4, Plus H-scenes."

Also I finished the game. Honestly... reaching 100% completion kinda lowered my opinion on the game as a whole because I can now safely say that there are several things the game sets up and just never goes anywhere with, like,
Spoiler for Nino route spoilers:
Spoiler for Arisu route:

I kinda figured these things would get explained somehow but they just... didn't. Also since the game kind of "paired" up routes, like Nino and Sorane are a pair, Hiyori and Miu are a pair etc... Nino and Sorane would be the only pairing where I'd say both routes feel equally meaty. Meanwhile Miu and Chiyoko feel entirely like afterthoughts to Hiyori and Shiina respectively, and
Spoiler for The Arisu route has a bit of a split that is kinda comparable in a way I guess:

...So things I would like to see touched up in P.H. because I can't imagine it's literally the exact same game with added H-scenes because the game as it exists now barely even allows for them:
Spoiler for Things. Spoilery things.:

...Ultimately there was still enough to like in the game that I can't claim I regret playing it. Like, I really liked Arisu, Hiyori and Shiina's characters and while I was not crazy about Nino or Sorane's personalities I thought their routes were really strong... Just a shame that ultimately the end felt like it did not quite deliver. Nino and Shiina still had ultimately the best routes I think.
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