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(Why am I continuing to post in this thread? It sure doesn't look like anyone else cares at this point.)

Circus posted voice samples on the website. Which confirms that... despite being credited under a different name, Suginami is still 100% Kishio Daisuke. Strange that he would be credited under an alias now when he's just been credited as Kishio Daisuke in every other game in the franchise, all-ages or R18, but really I'm just glad to still have him.

Other than that... Ayumi Sarah's Miu sounds almost identical to Maekawa Ryouko's. That change should be effortless to get used to. Yuuki Honoka's Sorane is also pretty on-point. Kusuhara Yui's Nino and Kanata Sora's Arisu I can quite clearly tell are not the same, but they're not bad, I guess. (Though Touyama Nao is still entirely too perfect as Arisu for me to not feel kinda down about her being recast.)
I am probably going to have a hard time getting used to the new Chiyoko, Hiyori and Shiina however. Out of these three Hiyori is probably the one who sounds the least off to me but... I am entirely too attached to Asumi Kana and Minase Inori's performances.
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