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...So things I would like to see touched up in P.H. because I can't imagine it's literally the exact same game with added H-scenes because the game as it exists now barely even allows for them:
Spoiler for Things. Spoilery things.:
The game is out. And while I have not gone through it super in-depth I have at least spot-checked a lot of the things I was hoping for and... did none of them. Not a single one. Other than the addition of H-scenes (that all play at the very, very end of their respective routes) and new voice actors, the game appears to be exactly the same as it was. I mean, the last point I asked for would require me to clear every route before I could even check, but considering that the game does not appear to have any other new art assets outside of the H-scenes I see no reason why they would now give that character a proper sprite.
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