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Damn, if I read the manga and I get to the part where Triela dies, I'm probably going to cry. Really.

Maybe not as much as *cough* the end of Seisouhen *cough*, but still... I find what was said in the last ep about her very true. She knows 3 langauges and comes up with Beethoven to raise spirits on a cold night... and she's such a nice girl, she didn't deserve to be a gitai.

I dunno - which do you think is better? Dying or being a gitai and then dying later? At least you're being useful to someone as a gitai, though I dunno about whether it's morally useful...

Edit: To avoid confusion, I don't think Triela has actually died yet in the manga. But I'm pretty sure they all will eventually. ;_; (If she doesn't I'll be singing Symphony No. 9. La la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa-la laa...)

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