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Originally Posted by wao
Damn, if I read the manga and I get to the part where Triela dies, I'm probably going to cry. Really.

Maybe not as much as *cough* the end of Seisouhen *cough*, but still... I find what was said in the last ep about her very true. She knows 3 langauges and comes up with Beethoven to raise spirits on a cold night... and she's such a nice girl, she didn't deserve to be a gitai.

I dunno - which do you think is better? Dying or being a gitai and then dying later? At least you're being useful to someone as a gitai, though I dunno about whether it's morally useful...

Edit: To avoid confusion, I don't think Triela has actually died yet in the manga. But I'm pretty sure they all will eventually. ;_; (If she doesn't I'll be singing Symphony No. 9. La la la la la la la la la la la la laaaa-la laa...)
It is either she become a lethal killer, well taken care off in welfare sense but short life expectancy bionic operator for Section 2 or she will be forced to act in those kiddie porn films in Armsterdam.(read the manga vol1)

Takes no brain to choose which is better for her.

Rico: Either she remain in bed forever, becoming a medical burden to her family or she is a marksperson for Section 2.

Angelica: Completely paralyzed because of your own parents try to kill you for insurance or become pioneer bionic operator for Section 2.

Claes: At least she got to read books again, instead of remaining in bed , hovering between life and death.

Henrietta: Victim of brutal rape, her uterus has to be removed plus some of her limbs have to amputated due to severe trauma by very brutal killer. Or have memory conditioned and rebulit body to be an unothrodox counter terrorist operator on behalf of Italian government.

As you can see, they don't have much option.
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