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Originally Posted by Anthias
Beautifully done I must say.
Been lurking for ages, but i cant help sign up and reply to a GsG thread

I have to totally agree, it was a beautiful ending; with the girls singing beethoven (which almost seemed like they were singing for Ange) all getting along, then Ange and Marco finally sorting it out. If they dont make another series then yes, she did die, however, if they do make another series i think we will see her back again From a writers POV bringing her back from what people assumed is death by some sort of medical breakthrough with the conditioning medication (??) will make a lot of people watch it again imo (like they werent gonna anyway!), but itll be a nice twist and continuity thing.

On another note: Anyone know what the very last scene was between Henrietta and Jose was about? After the credits.

I had feared the ending was gonna either not go anywhere, or kill everyone off. Im glad they ended it the way they did.
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