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Originally Posted by Dark_Sun
actually the very last clip is nothing....just a random clip..

that clip i think was also in the very beginning..
Yah, it is. I just ran both the first episode and the last episode side by side. It's exactly the same as the first scene. Except that Jose is narrating in the first episode (ANBU's translation says something like, "That is my sister")

Regarding whether or not Angelica died, if she did die, it would bring more closure in my opinion. However, if she didn't, then I agree that that would leave it open for a second season. Now, if indeed she did die, then I think that the ending was a rather "bitter-sweet" one. The scene shifts back and forth between the other girls singing happily and Angelica dying. It makes for an interesting contrast. But Angelica's death (assuming that she did die) is not necesarily that sad though. She and Marco finally made up.. I dunno.. There's still a lot open in my opinion. For example, when Henrietta was crying because she couldn't watch the stars with Jose, and then you never hear anything about it again. But that's just me.
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