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Originally Posted by linage View Post
that is too much fanservice for a short clip. But Alto saw everything before so it wont matter to him.
Of course it will. Every single damn time Sheryl shows anything to him he will get all embarrassed his nose will probably explode into a shower of blood and he will suddenly act like a 2 year old. For once I would like to see a male teenager in an anime act like a real human being when a girl comes on to them. I don't know very many guys past the age of 16 that wouldn't jump on the opportunity, quite literally, if anything like this happened to them.

Oh and Leon and Grace is the perfect match. He can finally have someone who can satisfy his yaoi doujinshi like S&M lust. Grace has the ability to look like a guy and yet be a woman not to mention throw him around easily. Must be Leon's dream come true.
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