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All right, big pictures coming up. Donīt get mad, mods! The multi-posting of the Ranshe Mei picture is to make sure everyone gets a picture vs. picture comparison without scrolling too much.


I hope this gives everyone a good comparison as to how the character designs of Sheryl and Ranshe Mei are very similar.

Now, as to the why of that, we obviously donīt know. But I think it is a pretty long leap of faith to say that the production crew of Macross Frontier just screwed up on that account, seeing how they gave everyone else so distinctive designs.

So, to reiterate it, my guess is still that Sheryl and Ranshe Mei ( or even Mao Nome ) are *somehow* related.

Sheryl could well be a survivor of the 117th fleet, who got transferred to Macross Galaxy, where she landed on the streets.
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