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Originally Posted by capture View Post
I'm optimizing the quality of my sig in Imageready to 49kb then after uploading to shack it always ended in 50-51kb >_< that's why I ended up to 47-48 kb before uploading it..

oh btw that's a nice sig... DRRR is kinda popular nowadays..
Well, 48.8 kb as a cut-off used to work just fine for Imageshack but recently I find that more memory are being added. I think Imageshack may have changed their policy or something and tagging on more to the file.

Thanks. Yeah, I've been seeing lots of DRRR!! sigs around AS now. But I caught onto DRRR when I saw these two hot guys... - I have yet to watch the series itself.

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
That's what photobucket has been doing for a while now. It would be a pain if ImageShack is already copying this. >_<
I think Imageshack has just started to do the same. I noticed sigs I previously uploaded with sizes under 50 kb, have now become more than 50 kb. I don't know why Imageshack is doing this now. T_T I'm going to have to switch to another site.

Originally Posted by White Manju Bun View Post
You get yourself a Drrr sig right after I change mine!! Nice though, gotta love Shizzy <3

pssst try, thats what I use
Oh so your sig is from DRRR too? LOL. I so need (want) to watch this series soon. I may just take next weekend off and do that. I feel so deprived of anime right now.

I saw Tinypic while browsing but I wasn't too sure how trustworthy that site is. Good to know that you recommend it. Will try.

Guess what? Another DRRR sig! It's Izaya this time.

Been playing around with making abstract backgrounds and ended up making two DRRR sigs. Haha.
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