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Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
I'm interested about this. The goal of God's Right Seat is to attain La persona superior a Dio, right? As far as I know, Lidvia Lorenzetti says in Vol 14 that the steps needed to attain this are:
  1. Cleansing of the Original Sin
  2. Take the 'right seat' of God, the former position of 'Envoy of the Light' Lucifer
  3. Harnessing and using the power of an archangel
  4. Imagine Breaker (?)
For some reason, Fiamma still needs IB to unlock the full potential of his Holy Right, so I'm guessing that IB would be one of the ingredients for the third step. Also of note here is that God's Right Seat's steps for La persona superior a Dio are quite similar to Crowley's plans (for Accelerator) for achieving Level 6 (switch 1 and 2 and they're pretty much analogous):
  1. Posses divine powers (Accelerator, Kakine)
  2. Awakening; realizing the true nature of AIM
  3. Merging with the Imaginary Number Sector; utilizing the power of artificial angels
  4. Imagine Breaker (?) -> Crowley ordered for IB's retrieval, so it must either be quite important, or he's trying to prevent Fiamma from getting hold of it
Please correct me if I am mistaken.

Spoiler for Reply to oldmanpoo:
Yeah....basically that. I can understand Crowley's plan since he's using AIM instead of traditional magic but God's Right Seat basically bind themselves to Archangels and harness their power then via IB boost that power to what they want. But thing is an Archangel is forever inferior to God. So seems like a failed method they are using...

As for Aiwass, I wouldn't say it's the outright tier yes but not top. And top tier only because it makes Black Wings Accel look like nothing and is more powerful than Hyouka herself. How it fares compared to Gabriel or Fianma is unknown. So any of these three (so far) could be the top.

wat? so Telesma is like a counter AIM? Is it to AIM what AIM is to normal magic? I thought it was just that FUZE didnt have a dense enough AIM field to harm gabriel
Telesma is the stuff Angels and their power are comprised of. The kanji for it is literally "power of angels" 『天使の力』

And yes, Hyouka could harm Gabriel. That's why Accel assisted by deflecting her attacks onto it. Accelerator himself was nothing to Gabriel, he couldn't even deflect the Sweep.

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