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Originally Posted by Fenrir_valindri View Post
I never called you as such nor attempted to do so.
I apologize. I did not mean for you to take that seriously. I was attempting to inject a bit of ironic humor to liven up an otherwise serious discussion. I thought it was pretty funny.

So in summary Tsubaki should not attempt to talk to, be in the presence of, or enjoy hanging out with girls other then Urabe at all?
Where did this come from? Are you asking? Or is this what you assume I think?

Really, we actually agree on almost everything regarding the particulars of how the situations occurred or who was behind what.

We agree about the Hayakawa situation, we agree about Matsuzawa, the kicker, and how Suwano influenced Tsubak into taking on the role in the movie, and how Oka, the little she-devil (and I'm not saying that affectionately) prodded Urabe (and may have been a driving force behind the movie itself).

I think what we might be disagreeing most about is whether or not Tsubaki is completely blameless in all of this. My biggest gripe with him is that he continuously lies to Urabe. Of course, this helps the dreary plots crawl along, but it is oh so annoying to me. I do not fault him for the situation with the kicker, and I don't have a problem with him talking with Matsuzawa or other female classmates, or having a friendly conversation with Oka (though he should be on guard while talking to her). But the situation with Hayakawa could have ended differently if he had not lied to Urabe, and the same goes with his bewilderment about the situation with Suwano.

This manga is the furthest thing from a Harem manga you could get while still being involved in the romance genre...
I guess I should be more selective when trying to be funny in my replies. Really, it was only a joke.

Originally Posted by frivolity View Post
Yes, the issue about Urabe's being tasteless and the other girl's being sweet has not been resolved yet.
Nor the issue of why the movie was basically a copy of Tsubaki and Urabe's relationship, or how the script came about.
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