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Chapter 71: The Mysterous Mole

Another dreary chapter. Has the mangaka, for lack of anything better to write about, gone into the "fetish of the month" mode? What will it be next month? Belly-button lint? Earwax? Toe cheese? With so many fetishes out there (and new ones appearing every day on the Internet), the mangaka could milk this franchise forever!

This chapter did nothing to advance the relationship between the two main characters. Rather, it just reinforced the notion that Tsubaki is immature and frivolous.

On the plus side, this chapter seems to sound the death knell to the Movie arcs. Thank goodness. I, for one, no longer care if we ever get any explanations for those black holes of logic of those miserable chapters. The sooner time fades the memory of reading all that gobble-dee-gook [e.g. rubbish], the better. Nine chapters of utter crap, and now, just a few weeks shy of a year since the first Movie chapter appeared, our favorite couple is pretty much the same as they were back then, with no appreciable progress in their relationship.

It also seems like almost everyone has dropped this manga, as judged by the huge drop in posts here in this forum. Frankly, if this chapter hadn't quickly changed from Movie mode to mole mode, I very well may have dropped it too if the movie had been the main focus of the chapter.

Before that movie fiasco, I looked forward to reading each new monthly chapter. I really enjoyed it. It was fun and refreshing. Then, as the movie fiasco progressed (if you can actually call it that), I dreaded reading each new chapter. But now that that's over, I look forward to each new chapter again. However, it's not because it's fun and enjoyable, but now I wanna see just how stupid and ridiculous the mangaka can make each new chapter. And if stupid and ridiculous are the standards, this chapter is a great success.
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