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Lightbulb Thanks to the FanSubber's and a suggestion!!! Please read!

Thank you Fansubber's for the fine work your doing.
I hope it wil go on & on .

But I have a problem with what certainly other concerns too.
I do not know if others have written about, but I guess not.

I have a Multimedia Harddrive for my TV .It can operated in FullHD. It is one that can play .mkv files. Everything works great. But it can't play AAC codec, and other variations thereof. The outcome: Very good picture , thanks to 1280x720 files but no sound .

My question now is, if you could use a different codec like ac3 or mp3 ?!

P.S. If the file is a little bigger, it would not disturb me and or the ohter one's I believe . Since the files with a resolution of 1280x720 are already quite large.

Many thanks for reading this and I hope it was interesting for someone .

Greeting Xabyos

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