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Originally Posted by hakisak View Post
Useless details. He does exist. He mutated into is a Hollw-based reiatsu. Oigichi is just an avatar for Ichigo's OWN POWER!!!

Why do you people keep trying to separate them?!?!? All because you just can't admit Ichigo is strong.
*throws hands in the air* ...Arrrrrrgggggggggh!
If you have read my posts I said in terms of raw power he may be the strongest in Bleach but in overall strength he is kind of weak.

Also Hichigo is a mistake which is why you have to force inner hollows into submission because otherwise they would take over because they want to be the dominant personality. They don't want to work for you unlike Shinigami spirits who are willing to work for you and all it takes is communication. In some ways he is like the Kyuubi and is slowly merging into one with Ichigo as he continues using it. Which is why Ichigo uses a lot more instinct than before.

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