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I didn't play the games but...

One thing that I learned about this series is not to rely so much on a person. It's good to have support from others but in Mitsuki's case it wasn't, because her love for Takayuki left him as the only valued person in her life. Even if Takayuki chose Mitsuki, there is something inside me that still says that he loved Haruka, guilt was a factor but the time he spent with her before the accident was unconditional love. I think it was a first experience for both of them at that time and it was something that I actually admired because this is not something that we get in real life very often. In my opinion Mitsuki made too many selfish mistakes for me to even like her much during the series.

I felt sorry for her but I just didn't appreciate the way she threw herself at Takayuki and even had the nerve to tell him to stop seeing Haruka because of her jealousy towards Haruka. I felt sorry for her since Takayuki really was all she had left but in all honesty, it was her fault and her decision, just like the series demonstrated to us, life isn't fair. Cutting her hair was a mistake as well in my opinion because that really represented her independence and the dreams she had but she gave it all up for Takayuki who really didn't ask that of her but Mitsuki was too blinded by her own love. It's nice to love but not blindly. At first I was reluctant about Haruka, although I do like shy girls, her timidness was exaggerated but after she warmed up and began to develop, she grew into the humble girl that I loved. I honestly would have enjoyed the series more had Haruka awoken from her coma earlier rather than later but this show is more about the tragedy and drama than happiness. All in all, I enjoyed the series and it exemplified how cruel life can really be. Well that's my 2 cents
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