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This may sound weird, but i havent thought about this happening since when i was 8 years old. back then i wanted to be the mouse in Tom and jerry (you can LOL now).
but now i'm comfortable with being the spectator. while anime does draw me in almost completely, i always see the major differences from reality and they bug me. anime is just too simple for me to live in.
And my life is far from perfect for me.
My posts seem retarted? I invoke the freedomof choice upon thee to choose one of the below.
a) Iím batshit insane or mentally challenged. Nyan!
b) Wasu~p?! *brofist*
c) Your mind is too narrow to embrace my genius, de geso.
d) I was accidentally dropped into a barrel of whiskey, so now I am constantly drunk.
e) Go home and die! Dattebayo!
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