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Terminology made simple

There is a very logical explanation to this if you compare Ichigo's Zanapkuto from chapter Chapter 66 to the one cut in in two by Byakuya in Chapter 55, the cut is at the exact same place . When he emerges from shaft he has the same Zanapakuto its the reminiscent of that Zanapkuto NOT Zangestsu .

Zanegstu is more like a cleaver while ichigo's zanapkuto was more so like a butter knife . Urahara cut ONLY the blade and cross guard . But when Zangetsu is called out the new Zanapkuto that emerges has an entire different Hilt (Pommel and Grip)

Ichigo original sword's Pommel has ribbons and his Hilt had Cross Hatchings / Decorations . If it was the same zanapakuto it would have remained as Urahara didn't touch any of these two parts . Then there is also the different type of Blade

Before : (Pommel Ribbons) (Grip Cross-Hatching / Decoration)

After : (No Pommel) (Bare Grip)

Urahara only cut the blade and cross gaurd NEVER the Hilt (Pommel and Grip)

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