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In response to the topic of who is Isshin Kurosaki I would have to believe that he is
possibly a branch member of the Shiba clan, albiet obvious the physical resembelance.
But also his personality ressembles Kukaku Shiba very closely he may have been a brother
by marriage or something. As for the Isshin to Kaien thing its possible but unlikely.
For his rank as a captain and no one in the current Gotei 13 knows him brings about
only two scenarios, one he only knew a few other captains like Urahara before leaving the SS. Or he was something like a Ichigo an exception to the SS rules but instead of being just an ordinary captain was place directly into Squad Zero similiar to how Hitsuguya is a child prodigy.
Another possiblity comes to mind he may have be involved with Aizen's research of hollowfication / Orb of distortion from the beginning and after learning of it's extent tried to distance himself from Aizen. For whatever reason it then prompts him to leave SS for good and takes his wife's name as a means of concealing he left in the first place. As for the timing of this it had to happen prior to the Visored Incident because Shinji did not recognize
his presence.
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