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Originally Posted by JagdPanther View Post
Hmm. 4 turns for an A.

How many CP per turn?

(I won't lie; I religiously used the strategy guide for my first playthrough, so being without it for the DLC will be a new experience for me)
My first time through I got A in every mission but the first mission with Squad 7 (forget the name) Battle at Naggiar (2) and Breaking the Blockade.

However like you I had a lot of save files in action, I think last count I have ten save files. One for Book Mode before a mission/skirmish, one for the absolute start of the mission/skirmish and eight to spread around for pretty much every CP/action of a turn.

So if the next turn I was in a predicament I would go back and rethink. Pretty much cheating I say but it was always great when the first time you'd attempt a mission you could get the A Rank without loading a save but those were far and few between!

But I found the game always came back to just stopping and always thinking two moves ahead and anticipating the enemy's response. There's always a way to get the A rank, you just have to be quick.

Man, I really want to play VC but we've got a girl staying with us for a few months and the guest's room is right next to the games room. I go to work all day, come home, do some more work around the farm, exercise and after all that I can get maybe forty minutes in max before I have to stop so she can go to bed.

That or she'll have some crappy music blaring from her phone that's like finger nails running down a chalkboard even with her door closed.

Argh, I'm just venting... Still working on getting my PS3 online properly. Have to pick up a new router when the internet changes over next month.

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