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For a tactical RPG, you'd expect the things to matter towards your score being 'how many enemies did you kill?' 'how many targets were off importance?' 'did you kill any tanks?' 'did you lose any men?' 'did you lose any tanks?' 'how many points did you capture?'

Instead, all that matters in 90% of the missions is how fast you can dash towards the final point. Most often the way to do that is the ignore everything mentioned above...
Chill. For a new franchise, the presentation is slick enough. So I'll forgive the crew slacking upon the game's ranking mechanism.

In case you didn't notice, the DLCs has improved upon the flaws in the right direction in which certain stages and events are unlocked only after various conditions are met. So I'm sure by the next game, the fundamental flaws will have been fixed.

Personally, I'm hoping to see the story branches out in different directions based on the various tactical decisions made like the DLCs.
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