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An okay episode. I wish they could just quit beating around the bush and get on with the "band" element - that IS the series' selling point, right? This manga chapter didn't need to have an entire episode to itself.

Some funny stuff here and there. It was nice seeing Ritsu grappling Yui animooted, and the way they handled shots of Yui practicing the guitar made me think about the wrong things.

I'm a little worried about Yui, though. The manga makes her out to be the run-of-the-mill kind of moron, but the anime is moving towards why-is-she-in-high-school-and-is-she-housebroken? kinda moron. I'd like her to have a little dignity at the end of the series.

Mio can't seem to decide on what kind of character she is. Although funny in the manga, her rebound from the conversation about blood was a little too quick.

Other things to note:
- Ritsu... hmmm, feels more like she belongs in the athletics club.
- Missing parents syndrome. I wouldn't trust Yui with the house, but I guess it's because their other kid and neighbor are dependable.
- Mugi is just kinda hanging out there. Add another dimension to her, please.
- If Yui and Ui had a third sister, would her name be "U" or "I"?
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