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Fansub coalition: Gallery Fake and Windy Tales

Two good shows(IMHO) that have been stalled for nearly a year.
Windy Tales by Shining Fansubs and Anime-Faith: 6 of 12 episodes subbed.
Gallery Fake by SpectreAnime and Live-eviL/Ideology: 3 of 37 episodes subbed.

The aim of this thread is an attempt to revive these two shows by asking for interested volunteers to form a coalition, similar to that of keroro gunsou.

Currently, in addition to the associates from my group (including one art major), we also have the services of Runpsicat, who may be willing to translate the remainder of Windy Tales, depending on popular response and support (Gallery Fake pending), and the endorsement of NoSanninWa.
Certainly, more help from experienced individuals is welcome.

The usual fansub positions are open:
1. Translators
2. Editors
3. Timers
4. Typesetters
5. Encoders
6. Raw providers (TV or DVD)
7. QC

Existing groups who may wish to unstall your projects, please feel free to comment. We all know projects can stall for a variety of reason, so this thread aims to solve those problems.
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