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Wouldnt my post there be considered an official response? :P

You might not have come across me but I've been with Live-eviL for going on 2 years so I'm reasnoably qualified to comment on whats going on. Of late I've been taking care of public relations in Tofusensei's extended absence from the fansub scene.

Also according to someone who has seen the later episodes of the series, for you to undertake translating it yourself you'll need an extremely good translator to take it on due to the amount of Art history terminology and factual information. Whilst any old translator might be able to translate the bulk of the dialogue quite happily, the Art history requires a translator who is able to pick stuff out and be able to go online and research it. As I'm quite sure the fans of the series would prefer to see absolutely 100% correct translations rather than "best guesses" because the translator isn't quite sure whats going on.

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