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Well look heres the deal -

Translation - Thats not a problem, but GK isn't gonna translate more eps till he's seen the eps he's translatred get finished and out.

Timing - We have a reliable timer no issues there.

Editing - If I'm right Mirror_ID is first editor and it's fallen to Yoshu-sama to 2nd edit

Typesetting - The styling / initial typeset was done by Kineticsplah for Gallery Fake. If you've seen L-E/IDE's version of GF I guess you'll understand how classy the work he did was however Kineticsplash is MIA. He's not been on IRC in MONTHS.

Theres only 2 people who could do it probably which are myself (but I've got a joint honours in Japanese and Web & Multimedia) to think about :x and Yoshu-sama whose in his final year of college so he's not around a lot.

Encoding - We have Region 2 DVD ISO's of Gallery Fake but G-Drago last summer had a computer blow up and he's not been actively fansubbing since then and it's been difficult to get him moving again and the other encoder who could do it doesnt want to step on G-Dragon's toes.

Now whilst I *could* help out on the typesetting front myself personally, I've already got enough on my plate as it is taking care of Blood+, Yawara, Snow Queen and trying in vain to work on my pet project of Sailor Moon Musicals on top of trying to do school but if I have to, to get the project moving then I would do.

So there you go, theres the dirty laundry aired in public. Now rather than vulture subbing GF like Shinsen did with DAQ wouldn't a better proposition be of instead of wasting time and effort creating your own typeset to get in contact with Yoshu-sama and work something out so that the 2 translated eps don't go to waste etc etc.

I'm personally not involved with DAQ unless it came to it that I was needed to typeset so take this up with Yoshu(or maybe Mirror_ID as well)

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