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I might as well speak up and give a rundown of Faith/Shi-Fa's Windy Tales project like Gumbaloom did. Lamer_de pretty much summarized it already.

Raws: Done thanks to KCL822.

Translation: The main issue stalling the project; trying to rotate among JAL_ Xiaozzfei, and Clem, but they're all busy.

Translation Check: Same as above.

Additional Translations: Set, Murasaki

Timing: Set, Ijuki.

Edit: Set, NoSanninWa, probably could use another editor, but it's not really delaying the project.

Typesetting: Unsure since our typesetters haven't been around the channel lately. I can still do it if necessary.

Styling: Set, me.

Encoding: Set, Aiorus.

Quality Check: Set, me.

So most of what's keeping the project going at a snail's pace is the translation. Maybe we could work together?
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