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I got my first Higurashi Manga a while ago and it's such a great feeling to finally hold it in my hands! I really love the Higurashi mangas, I read through all of them. They're great adaptions ... They're the reason why I dislike the first anime season.
I can't wait for Tatarigoroshi-hen. It's my favourite manga of the question arcs. I love the artwork. And of course, it's such a depressing arc ... but Meakashi-hen is even worse ...

But for now I'm really looking forward to the 2nd volume of Onikakushi-hen! Karin Suzuragi really has some skill for impressive scenes. And it's painful to watch Keiichi's change. I could feel a lot of sadness while reading it.

Besides!! I really enjoyed reading ryukishi07's and Karin Suzuragi's comments in the last pages. It's very interesting what the creator's have to say to their own work.
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