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Originally Posted by willyvereb View Post some forums and blogs Sheryl is called Marry Sue kind of Called Marry Sue because she was awesome...then every great character with strong will is Marry Sue character...some ppl said that she has many great aspects while her weaknesses are meaningless...
Main points i have heard that why they found her Marry Sue:
-very strong willed, everywhere perfect.
- her weaknesses nowhere weighty
-She has almost more outfits than the whole cast.
-the show centered around her
I doubt it all, but i have wrote it down to show some main point why can someone hate Sheryl's character.
Odd she's the Mary Sue, that has been always Wanko's turf

-While it's true that she's strong-willed, she did break down when she could no longer take it (but fortunately bounced back as she regained her purpose). What's more, her breaking down suggests she's not really perfect in every aspect.
-If this weakness refers to her not being able to express her feelings/intentions, might I say almost everyone goes through such a thing and it's not nowhere weighty.
-She is the galactic fairy after all, it's almost a given that she gets the most number of outfits
-Don't think so, it wasn't even intended that she'd end up like she did. If there's anyone that the show centered on, it'd be the other girl.

If anyone can hate Sheryl based on these things, I can only conclude they are either shallow or just lack good taste.
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