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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
To me, up to this episode of rerun, Yuki's most significant moments would be when she take of her glasses in RBL. But other than that (and maybe the moment when she looks bored at the pool) I hardly can remember any other moments....

Could be because when you have interests on someone, you tend to focus more on her lines and movement......
No, Yuki is really very different from the old episodes. Old Yuki had many ugly shots, while I have yet to see one from the new Yuki. Old Yuki had some pretty shots too, obviously, specially when is a important scene for her (Sagitarius'sv end, vs Asakura 'I love you' on the Lone Island...), but is adifferent kind of pretty. I would say that, indeed, new Yuki is more moe.

The better way to see that is her with the witch outfist. Ths episode she only see 'creppy' when her eyes are hidden, while the old ones have a more distint feeling.

I don't see anyproblem with a more moe Yuki . However, I really don't think it fit to the witch costume. She was soppose to look creepy here. (and I actually like her old pretty but not moe self too)

Post Postum:
Originally Posted by spawnofthejudge View Post
I noticed this too. Haruhi's name moved to the left and Kyon's to the right, IIRC (I'm at work). If they continue a pattern for Sighs III, it'll be easier to see.

With this and the Haruhi separation from E8, I wonder what the point of the ED Cast credit manipulations are.
Oh, I am gald someone actually read my post . This time is probably to enphasize Kyon and Haruhi going in different ways. Being no more as in agreement as in Melancholly. This is kinda spoiler-ifc, though.
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