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Originally Posted by winkel View Post
Ah yes, I forgot about that scene... safety net huh

The meeting took place, but it would be a magical event in line with all the other magical events were seeing in 1998's story, and in line with all the events of magic we see throughout the series. So it's still a part of the question of 'did this and all the other events with the Sisters and Maria really happen, or is Ange due for the wards.'

But Bernkastel had to pull an Ange to bring her to the 1986 chessboard (when she saw off the families) + Purgatorio... and I can't really wrap myself around the idea that they're the same person...

So there should still be an explanation of how a Meta-Ange appeared in Purgatorio with Battler... unless of course, she's a fake again like Eva-Beatrice. But she seems too heavy a character to suddenly leave like that at the end of this game.

Ah yes, this. I wondered about that greatly last ep, but I guess I forgot to bring it up.

I suppose the timelessness notion makes sense... they're all existing there at the moment, but doesn't mean that they were summoned in the time frame that they first appeared on stage. Perhaps their latest versions... and since Battler never really lived pats 1986, he never knew of the world beyond that. The same would not necessarily hold true for magical beings and their re-occurrence.
Who ever said Evatrice was fake?

It was Beatrice's mood change that was fake. Everything else was skillfully manipulated by Beatrice, but not fake.
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