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Now it should be clear that Izanami itself is residing inside Yin, and not just another personality. I still don't know the connection between Izanami and Yin though. I mean, why Yin? Did she come in contact with something in her past and made her become some sort of 'host' for Izanami? And if not, why did Izanami choose Yin?

It was a great episode overall, still prefer the previous one (adult Amber is hot no matter how you look at it). Yin being talkative and dominant is awesome (Well, technically it's Izanami, but still...). I could have used some music from S2, though.

EDIT: And after rewatching the episode, it seems that Izanami possessed Yin at the end of S1. What was Izanami doing there, though?

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