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Originally Posted by karice67 View Post
It's originally from 2ch. And to be honest, I'd rather have a scan (or the magazine) myself. Maybe I should add that to my order...just to check...

But Yot-chan, at the very least, I think the interpretation of Sheryl waking up is accurate, because of the song that plays during the credits. May'n's comments on it and on the new version of Diamond Crevasse on her blog also seem to support that.

Spoiler for length:
Huh, okay.

Still, it doesn't really make sense to me why they'd work so hard on making the ending relatively ambiguous, only to crush that ambiguity in an anime magazine interview.

Although the interview is still rather ambiguous...

EDIT: I'll join the others in not understanding why CrowKenobi declares this off-topic.
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