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Originally Posted by Dextro View Post
I think the true message we can take away from episode 115 is that Juvia had the time of her life for a few seconds. I mean she was saved by gray and held in his arms, she must have been going bonkers

But they did manage to trick me there through quite a bit of the episode. I was getting ready to facepalm at how naive Gray was being and then he came back and gave that psycho a nice cup of stfu. Major points gained by Gray in my book.
Did you notice that at one point when they flashed to Juvia, she was smiling after being saved by Gray even though she's supposedly unconscious?

I was hoping that Gray would see through Ultear, and I was so glad that he did. At first I thought he was fooled too, and was like nooo..... don't be so naive! I wanted to cheer when he came back and saved Juvia in the nick of time. He's got a tough battle ahead of him, since Ultear's a fearsome opponent. I'd like to see him rise to the occasion though, and do something totally unexpected a la Natsu.
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