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Originally Posted by Konakaga View Post
Most public torrents(anime fansubs are generally on public trackers) don't really have such a feature to my knowledge, as I know people with quite bad ratios on their torrents and they still get decent download speeds...

Though as you said it does mess with the system some, so I personally upload back generally anyways, though general files are seeded to certain level by person releasing the file, which means some gets sent out regardless of new users uploading, otherwise the file wouldn't be able to seed in the first place .
This has nothing to do with what goes on in private trackers, I'm talking about how the system allocates bandwidth internally regardless of whether there's a tracker involved or not.

Also in more popular torrents there's so many people downloading (and uploading) that it's only natural that everyone gets good download speeds since there aren't enough highly rated clients to take up all the download slots.
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