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its really funny, because last chapter after kurama and naruto were getting all buddy buddy, i said to myself... knowing kishi there will be a flashback for all of this... but a younger kyuubi? hmm that would be interesting, and i thought of when naruto tried to force transform into kyuubi and became chibi

thank you for your telepathy kishimoto =)

on a side note, naruto can put clones into his kyuubi hand tails.... now imagine all of his tails using frs
december 21. 2012 guys, we know how now.

i think the only purpose for sasuke right now, is to be possessed by madara and have them both combine powers, because genjutsu bijuu resistance, and all the colors of the bijuu rainbow... i can't believe i'm saying this but kishi orgasmed over naruto's power level... sasuke kinda.... -needs- a power up now to compete
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