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Originally Posted by Discerptor View Post
Tobi has the bit of the Kyuubi chakra that the Gold and Silver brothers were carrying.
He also has one tentacle worth of 8-tails chakra. And he went after the kyuubi chakra into the mess of war, he had to have a good reason for that. My guess is he might want to create a lesser moon-tsukiyomi that has effect only on a small scale, but that being enough to be his last weapon. But whatever he does, it seems that he needs all 9 types of tailed chakra to do it, so the resulting 10-tails chakra is probably very special, it allows him to do something we have never seen. Maybe something that could be done only by the sage of 6 paths.

We need some fan colored images of the chibi-kyuubi
I guess by tomorrow we will have people having those pictures as avatars
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