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Never use books like that, in fact anime is the worse way to start drawing because overall it is anatomically wrong to begin with.
Drawing when you're learning needs a certain mindset and most certainly you shouldn't start at anything comics. There are a lot of old techniques to use; from drawing poses from photo's not with pencil but crayons first, learning about shading and drawing on time (from max 10 min to 30 seconds).

People on Pixiv draw even a step higher because after learning how to draw you can use a tablet on your computer to make what you need, colouring on a pc is different technical wise than on paper obviously. Just because people know how to draw professionally with tablet does not mean they know the exact same thing on paper, but they all use the same basic.

Try with actual technique first, nothing anime wise or other comics. Draw objects, mimic shadow, in order to be good you need to do this a lot. If you know how to make depth in a drawing then already you achieved some form of professionalism (and depth is what most anime simply refuses). The best way is to ditch the pencil first and use crayons or other material so you will not be busy doing small details all the time.
I always look at actual women who pose, in porn or anything else and try to figure out and draw their poses. Draw actual people and learn the basics first before even attempting to draw anime because otherwise you will end up drawing worse than you already have in those horrible books (anorexia people, too long limbs, eyes too far apart that kind of thing).
Anime basically has a standard in which both halves need to be about equal but the most beautiful drawings are more rough and roughness creates a non standard form that we still recognize as a part of the face and is just marvelous to look at because of its form.
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