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sometimes I wonder what they mean by bad. Is it "ok, this is overall not as good as other ones" or "HOW DARE THEY CALL IT A SEQUEL TO STEINS GATE???". Comparison to SG is inevitable, but should it affect our perception to this show?
It's not necessary "bad" because of how good Steins;Gate was. Again, people do compare it to S;G since it IS branded as the 3rd game of 5pb.'s science adventure series. If they also wanted to compare, there's Chaos;Head to compare with. And it's not hard to beat that.

However, if you just look at the game itself, the story itself leaves something to be desired, as Robotics;Notes' story takes a huge turn around 2/3 of the game. Some doesn't like how it developed. I wonder if that would be addressed by the anime...
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