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It's not that Robotics;notes is bad, the problem(?) is that Steins;gate was too good. Way too good. It set a lot of expectation and hype for R;N when it was coming out, and unfortunately just can't really compare to it. To be fair, I did enjoy the first 2/3 of the story of R;N, and no one knows what kind of treatment it would get for its anime.

Peronally, for the games itself, I rank them as
S;G >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> R;N>>C;H

And I've gotta say, the anime quality for R;N is definitely better than S;G.
I almost dropped steins;gate in the beginning. SG started being good only like 5 episodes in. It could go the same way with this show. I don't get people that judge this show after just 1 episode. If someone watched only the first ep of steins;gate, they would conclude it sucks too. But after sticking with it we realized it was actually a good show.
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