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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
It's probably because they are saying the same things over and over again for, let's say, five episodes in a row.
I disagree.

The complaints are not all the same thing and are coming from various people, of which many had enjoyed previous Key series.

Don't you think that they're not watching the show for the sole purpose of bashing it?

While it's true that some arguments will be too repetitious, I think it would be better if you were to counter with good things about the show.

Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
I can vouch for this. The one thing I keep seeing and not really agreeing with is how it's constantly hailed as really poor animation quality.
It's more like the lack of animation that causes problems. You can see this with anything that involves a fight in the series.... which is not much of a one.

At least it's not Deen though.
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