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Originally Posted by hyl View Post
Komari's story did only end up getting 2 episodes. It's not hard to figure out why some/most people think why it did not work out.
Originally Posted by Snuffle View Post

IIRC, there were even some anime only viewers that felt it was a bit forced/rushed.
I'm one of them. I thought the Komari arc was Ok, but it lacked much emotional punch for me, and I suspect it's because there just wasn't enough time to build it up properly.

I've seen a fair number of "romance route" VN adaptations now, and I've noticed that one of the keys to success for a unified format VN adaptation is something that may bother some source material fans but is nonetheless true - A major heroine or two has to be shunted a bit to the side. If you try to give each and every major heroine her own arc, each girl will suffer because of it, and the narrative will end up feeling like a mess.

In this post, I'll delve into my reasoning here. Major spoilers below. Only read the sections for shows you've already seen (and/or don't care at all on being spoiled on).

Spoiler for Mashiro-iro Symphony:

Spoiler for Clannad:

Spoiler for Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate:

Spoiler for Steins;Gate and Fate/Stay Night:

So, in conclusion, the best VN adaptations make hard but productive choices. They allow a couple major heroines to slip into "supporting cast" roles, while narrowing the focus to two or three major heroines. This makes the narrative feel more clear and cohesive, while giving enough time to properly develop the chosen girls and their stories.

When VN adaptations (at least of the unified format) fail, it's usually because they get too ambitious, and try too hard to satisfy each and every major heroine's fanbase. Perhaps that's going on with LB!

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Though Reckoner has a point with the Kyoani exceptionalism possbility. Maybe people prefer the Kyoani style over Key itself. IMO, despite all the grace people gave Kyoani, Kanon and Air had awful pacing, and Clannad was fine there... only because it was damned long. I would also say the 2nd season, while praised the most, still has rather strange priorities.
I think KyoAni has one particular strength that makes it ideal for adaptations of long VNs. And that's that KyoAni is very good at sort of "papering over" boring sections of a story.

The clearest example of this is actually not a VN adaption, but rather the Hyouka one.

Spoiler for Minor Hyouka spoilers:

So I think what KyoAni was able to do was make the slow, long build-up of the Key narratives seem as good as they possibly could be. It made their more lackluster moments seem decently entertaining and noteworthy at least.
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