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Is LB's problem poor animation? Yes, I know I am pounding on old territory when I note the differences in production values between Sakurajou and LB, so I won't go down that lane.

And personally, I find the adaptation so far... just watchable, to be blunt. I think I can sort of understand what they were trying for, in the Komari route, and that was to try to drain romance right out of it (and I think they did manage to do it, decently, since by the end of the route, I cannot see a Riki X Komari being even remotely possible.) So, if the Common Route was friendship oriented, then yes, perhaps it DOES make sense to adapt the Komari Route earlier on, though I'd have rather had seen the cast fully assembled first.

It actually is an interesting hint : could it be that they intend to diffuse all the early routes, and construct them as "friendship", "Platonic" routes, while the later routes would be more romantic focus? If this is truly the Haruka route (as opposed to a continuation of the common route after a Komari Route interlude) , could it be that once again, the next few episodes would touch on the theme of Friendship, in another way? Will they assemble all the cast before going onto the specific routes, or will they clear the easiest routes that can be converted or presented from a platonic angle of friendship instead, before the full cast is assembled?
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