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I don't find the list bad at all. There are some curious exclusions, for example I would think that Dragonball Z would place there if Bleach made the list, but overall it's a pretty good highlight of the decades in so far as how the industry has changed over the years and what has been notable.

It is clearly not a "best of", or even a "most influential" list, but it does a decent job of picking 50 shows. Also, remember that 2000+ saw a huge expansion of the industry, and you could easily pick 50 great shows just from that. Plus, tastes differ from East to West, and unless you've grown up in Japan you're probably not going to be as influenced by anime culturally. For a lot of us Westerners, our first real tastes of anime didn't happen until the 90's and 2k's, with a few notable standouts from the 70's and 80's that many of probably didn't even know were anime or related to Japan until we were older. And even then, most of us don't live in a culture where those things are so predominant.

For example, Doraemon.
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