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Yup. Code Geass and TTGL are probably to blame for that bubble. Gundam was going pretty strong in that time period as well with Seed, Seed Destiny, 00, and now Unicorn (which is yet still airing its, like, bi-yearly episodes). I don't want to admit that mecha has kind of died, but there just hasn't been any new blood to revitalize that bubble. Maybe we'll get lucky and some studio will push a really great mecha, or maybe Unicorn will be followed up by an amazing Gundam (I realize there's a newer Gundam right now, but I haven't watched it yet).
The golden age of mecha was early 70s to the mid 90s. A handful of successful titles in the late 00s doesn't make for a bubble.

Originally Posted by Kyuu View Post
Two genres are particularly dying:


This is true regarding the space exploration type of stories. It seems as if the dream of going into outer space is dying for most people.
It's difficult to put into words. I think sci-fi and exploration has given way to supernatural and fantasy. Not just in anime but popular culture in general. I guess there is some kind of social need for escaping harsh reality instead of challenging it.
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