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as for more showpieces, they do have R & C, Lair, Uncharted, LBP, Heavenly Sword, *rumored* UT3(exclusive for this year), Eye of Judgment, Haze(exclusive for this year) Folklore, NGS, and MGS4(?) releasing this year, a long with the multi-platform titles. It's a far more impressive line-up than the 360 had for it's first year. Now the jury is still out if all those will AAA titles, but they at least show off what the PS3 is capable of.

E3 will be fun. After seeing how they handled their Gamer Day event, I think they will deliver a pretty good showing.
Well, I know of all those titles.. I've been keeping track of the PS3 : p The problem is in considering the various genres and sub-markets these titles will be cornering. The fortunate thing about this console battle so far is that the X360 has quality titles but it's overwhelmed almost purely on FPS and Simulator racing games. The RPG market is still wide, wide open.

In fact, good RPG titles are key to taking Japan's hardcore gaming market (Wii has created, and taken the casual gamer market). Lost Odyssey is Microsoft's key strategic chesspiece for that. If Sony doesn't have a counter, the tides may change in Japan, where Microsoft is still now at a severe disadvantage.

I'll only be able to play the PS3 in a few years, so I'm only sitting back and moaning to all the nice games that's arriving..
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