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HiME -
-The first time Mai sees Natsuki on Fuuka campus; her reaction was just priceless there.
-The early Shizuru-Natsuki scenes (ie. the computer scene in episode three) - there was just so much there and we all MISSED it until we went back and watched it again.
-Chie + Aoi's conviction that Takumi was gay. With Akira. Greatest. Scene. Ever.

Otome -
-The first Nao-Shiho scene was priceless. It was then you realized that Nao hadn't changed that much, she was just not quite so crazy.
-Shiho's face during the 'field exam episode' when Arkia feeds her that... thing.
-Shizuru's line : "I like taking people from behind, but I have to admit this is the first time I've been taken," to Miyu. LOL
-Kruger's 'proposal' to Nao // Giving her her GEM.

Zwei -
-Haruka in Episode Two. I doesn't get much better that that.
-Natsuki's talking to Shizuru in episode three even when she's not there. So sad, so touching.
-Sarah Gallagher, who is the greatest character ever, knocking Haruka out with a Giant MALLET. WIN.
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