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No video is truly "complex" everything is barebone simple if you really get down to it. You can play and beat any game with simple mashing. Like fighting games for instance, you can be godlike in combos and whatever complex button pressing but still lose to a girl who just presses punch.
You have absolutely no idea of what you're talking about.

Go try to mash buttons against the guys competing in SBO every year. Or just go to your local arcade where there is a big enough scene of 2D fighting regulars. Go on, I dare you to try it.

It's understandable that you think that way, since it just stems from a lack of understanding how fighting games work. If you knew how they work, you'd know how button mashing is completely retarded in any decent competitive scene, and you wouldn't be saying that.

Fighting games are, by far, some of the most complex games out there. They're games that might take months, even years to master. Button-mashing your way through the CPU and dropping the game 40 minutes after you've bought a dumbed-down console version of it is absolutely no way of judging its quality.

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